Blog is dormant but journal still publishing

Don’t think that just because I haven’t posted an entry here in a while that Albatross is no longer accepting submissions.  We’re still publishing and in fact recently published Issue #26.  Check the press website or send me an email if you’re not sure.

I just became unable to sustain this blog, so it has gone dormant for now.  I have gotten busy lately becoming involved in the climate justice movement, so maybe I’ll return to this space at some point to chronicle what happens as I get more involved with the movement.

As always, thanks for your interest!


Albatross #23 now available

Once again, it takes a year to get out the issue…. Issue #23 is now available on the main website. I had to go a little longer with this issue (and the last one, come to mention it) to fit all of the poems in that I had accepted… I overshot my standard 32 page layout these last two issues.  Better for the poets who squeaked in at the last minute!  You’ll notice a couple of poets (Lyn Lifshin, Doug Bolling) have poems in both #22 and #23… That was so that I could get them in the issue they were accepted for.

Albatross #22 now available

I’m back-dating this a year because I’ve fallen off posting to the blog… Albatross #22 was posted to the main website in May of 2011.  We remain consistent with publishing one per year.  The art work on this cover is one of my favorites works of art that we’ve published, and it follows nicely from the bird woodcut on the cover of issue #20.

Why Another Poetry Blog?

I have made the decision to enter the blogosphere as editor of the poetry journal Albatross. I thought that there might be some interest in hearing how an editor makes his or her decisions. I could also feature poems that I didn’t accept but that I thought merited recognition nonetheless. This forum could also provide a way for a community to evolve around the journal, if it is not too much to hope for such a thing to happen. And it might steer traffic toward the website itself and increase readership of the poetry.

In short, I’m not sure where this will lead, but how can we know without trying it out? I just regret that I don’t have the time to enter the network of the blogosphere in the way that I should in order to make the Albatross fly as high as it can go….