Albatross #24 now available

We ran a bit past the one year mark for this issue.  It features another great woodcut by Peter Scacco, who is also featured on the cover of issue #23 and issue #21.  I am once again grateful to the authors who have shared these poems.  Each one is strong in its own way.  It leads me once again to a desire to publish a big issue–perhaps for the next issue #25.  The idea would be to make it an “Albatross Anthology” or “the best of Albatross.” Maybe what I need to do is to create a budget and launch a kickstarter campaign.  Were it to win funding, it would allow me to print enough to hire a distributor and have it distributed nationally.  This is a dream of mine.


1 Comment

  1. Kit Zak said,

    June 2, 2014 at 12:25 pm

    My comment pertains to writing about “environmental right for nature” as you suggested. I do this repeatedly whether talking about “mountain top removal, BP ‘s failure to clean up or fracking. How can one write about nature without attacking the forces that destroy nature.

    I have been told that my poetry is too political repeatedly.
    I don’t think it is easy to be subtle when the planet is on the way to extinction.

    But I applaud your idea. It seems if one wants to rant one must temper words and it’s too late for that I fear.

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