Poem in Your Pocket Day

I just stumbled upon “Poem in Your Pocket Day.”  It’s a bit early to plan for next year (April 2009 seems like a whole year away!), but mark it on some calendar in your life.  The idea is to get everyone to carry poems around in their pockets and then pull them out to have random poetry readings anywhere you are or go.

This made me think of the way that I memorize poems that are important to me:  I carry them in my pocket and pull them out every chance I get (and there are many such moments — like waiting at a long red light, or in the grocery line, or while you’re on hold with tech support from India….) to practice the process of memorization.

Once it’s memorized, then the next step is to remember to use those moments to practice the memorized poems (rather than curse your bad luck for picking the slowest check-out girl in the food store!).

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