Albatross #19 now available

I just posted Albatross #19 at the main site.  The print issue is forthcoming in a week or so (finalized the files and delivered to the printer today, giving him the go-ahead to print 100 copies).

It’s always a bit of a relief to get another issue out there.  I know it’s a relief for the poets, who have sometimes waited a year or two to see their poem in print.  It’s always up in the air, too, until the poem is actually in print, since the journal might fold up shop in the meantime.

I’ve always tried to keep Albatross small so that it never outgrew itself.  I’ve seen journals start out as quarterlies only to see them burn out after a few years.  Albatross is published about once per year and has been doing so for 23 years, a not unremarkable feat for a poetry journal I’m proud to say!


Why Another Poetry Blog?

I have made the decision to enter the blogosphere as editor of the poetry journal Albatross. I thought that there might be some interest in hearing how an editor makes his or her decisions. I could also feature poems that I didn’t accept but that I thought merited recognition nonetheless. This forum could also provide a way for a community to evolve around the journal, if it is not too much to hope for such a thing to happen. And it might steer traffic toward the website itself and increase readership of the poetry.

In short, I’m not sure where this will lead, but how can we know without trying it out? I just regret that I don’t have the time to enter the network of the blogosphere in the way that I should in order to make the Albatross fly as high as it can go….